Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new!

I have to say that I am fully embracing 2010 with open arms, and high hopes for the new decade among us. The closing of 2009 brought with it a lot of trials and tribulations. But it also brought a few hard, but insightful lessons.

It all started at the begining of December, when sadly many of us lost a great friend on the day of two other friends' wedding. In the midst of our shock and sorrow, was the proof that a strong group of friends can pull together and get through anything. The DelaTorre' wedding was beautiful, and I believe that Mike was there with us in spirit. His service was very difficult. To experience the finality of the life of someone you have known for nearly 15 years, is devastating. To lose someone so young was completely unexpected, and something I don't want to experience again for a long time to come. And as tragic as the loss was(and still is) it has proven to me that true friendship can get you thru anything. More so, it has taught me to take advantage of the time you have with the people who are important to you, because you never know what is going on in their heads, or how long they will be in your life.

I also learned thru another experience in December that truly caring for somebody, no matter how much it may hurt YOU, means letting go for the other persons happiness. Could I have been pissed off at the situation I am referring to, fought and pushed for what I wanted - easily. But honestly, I am content knowing that this person is happy. Do I wish that the friendship remained stronger than it has - of course. But I believe in time it will get easier...there was a lot of emotion involved. Whether is was only on my part I am uncertain, but I feel that due to this person's leveling with me, I wasn't just some random girl who's company was used for passing time.

And so with 2010, I have decided this is MY year to shine. Time to focus on myself. My weight and health, saving money, nurturing my friendships, and by helping others by devoting my spare time to them. I plan to sign up for some volunteer sites including Hands On Miami, and Habitat for Humanity. I figure that giving back to the community is a great and unselfish thing to do with my time, while saving money as well. I plan to get up to North Carolina to see sistaluv and my niece...and make it a once to twice yearly plan. Because I will NOT allow myself to drift out of their lives. I am going to go meet Jessie's lovely Aria. I'd like to spend a long weekend in the Keys with friends this year, focus on losing weight, go skydiving, and experience new things. You only have one life to live. So be open-minded and LIVE IT. Because never know how much time you have. And a life not lived, is a life wasted.

So come on 2010, bring it. I am ready to face anything you throw at me. Because though 2009 brought a lot of heartache and tears, I am still here and I am stronger because of it.