Monday, December 13, 2010

America - too sensitive?

MILEY CYRUS A BAD INFLUENCE!!! So she took a rip out of a bong. According to reports it was salvia - which by definition sucks. It is also legal in all but 15 states, and she was in one of the states that it IS legal...clearly it's her first time hitting the bong, seeing as her "friends" are teaching her how to use it properly. Secondly, that was a weak rip, she got a lot in the chamber but didn't even clear the piece. Third, there is NO WAY that she took a hit and instantly went into hysterics, that seems more like a show for her friends. Supposedly (and I have never experienced this with salvia)you have a trip similar to LSD for about 5 minutes and then a strange, stoned feeling. If she had a trip similar to LSD - she would not be focused on some random dude that "looks like her boyfriend,' I promise you that.
And might I add, that by looking at her eyes, she is definitely on something-but I doubt it is saliva.

But here's the thing. She is (supposedly) experimenting with a drug that is legal, while she is of legal age. Some argue that she is a role model for small children - I hate to break it to you America, but children grow up. She will not be a Disney princess forever, and believe me, kids are seeing much, MUCH worse on tv and at school everyday. In fact, a lot of teenagers younger than Miley have already experimented with drugs.

The sad fact is that now people are rallying for salvia to be made illegal. Because of that video of a former Disney star smoking a legal substance, while of age. If it were anyone else, not famous, it would be a non-issue. If something like salvia is going to be banned, what is next - alcohol, cigarettes? Those are pretty damn dangerous in themselves if you are not cautious with them. Same as any other addiction. And I GUARANTEE that there are more people selling actual marijuana and other drugs to underage kids, than are selling salvia...which is legally available in most head shops - so long as the buyer is at least 18 years of age. Which makes it pretty damn unnecessary to have to make a deal in the streets. Not to mention, your kids are more likely to buy marijuana BECAUSE it is illegal than salvia if offered.

This all comes down to a simple fact...parents need to talk to their kids. Using your voice toward the Government is a good thing, but in some need to talk to your kids about responsibility. Now when she starts shooting up heroin on camera, strips naked, and bangs a donkey - then you can raise a big fuss.

P.S. It's a WATER PIPE. =)