Monday, December 14, 2009

Your problems are insufficient....

I really don't understand people. At all. It seems like people are stressing over the most rediculous things lately. Our economy sucks, be focused on having fun at as little cost possible, and getting your bills paid. Make sure to spend time with those you love, because you never know when they are going to be gone.

I lost a friend recently, unexpectedly. And all I can think about is that I wish we had spent more time hanging out, I wish I had known that my time with someone I've known for 15 years was going to be cut so short, at just 28 years young. But all I can do is mourn, and smile at all the great memories I have of him. The laughs, the random get togethers at Flanigans, seeing him on stage and ripping that bass...doing what he loved. But the simple truth of the matter is, as humans, we make mistakes and we have to learn from them. Don't take people for granted. If they have a problem, you try to help them. If they need a shoulder to lean on, be there.

I'm going to be losing hours at work after the new year, I've lost benefits, I'll be losing half my paycheck if I lose as many hours as I think. It's a simple fix, you readjust your life and take care of the important things. Even if it means having movie nights IN with your friends, ordering in and splitting the cost. Having a pot luck. You have to make sacrifices to survive the real world.

But mourning, that is something that is real. It's a real issue. People who budget themselves and still CAN'T make their bills. That is a real issue. People are losing their homes, vehicles...can't pay their utilities. So it aggrivates the hell out of me to sit here and listen to an ex employee whining about his wife kicking him out of his house for cheating on her. A married man, with children. Stop whining buddy, you did it to yourself. You've bragged for years about the women you pull, and you got caught. What did you expect was going to happen?

Seriously...we in general, need to get a thicker skin, and a better understanding of the important things in life. Like ourselves. Each other. Family values. Budgeting ourselves while still living our lives. And being adults about the problems we create for ourselves, fucking doing something about it other than simply whining about how unfair life is. *shrug*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In lieu of witicism: Un-substancial update!

This is just going to be a random update about happenings in my life, or lack thereof. I apologize I don't have anything to glamor you with today.

I have to say, that October has been a rough month and I have had a few small anxiety attacks. Mostly in part due to the stress of work and other emotional standings. Work has been a little crazy. We have days where I am giving it my all, shuffling paperwork, getting proposals out, working on getting the company some money in. And then there are days [much like today] where the phone has not rang once. I much prefer running permits to being chained to my desk. Upside of the office, I can play on FB [or blog even]. However, even dealing with the atrocious traffic in Miami, I am more at ease on the road. It clears my mind. This whole sitting in the office thing...I get paid, but I feel useless. We are owed so much money that we are beginning to blacklist some contractors, and demanding partial payments, and full payment before applying for final inspections of jobs. Unfortunately, I am also aware that there will be no bonuses this year, no raises, and salary cuts look like they may be in the near future. You all know that December is a plethora of birthdays and parties along with Christmas. *sigh* Another day in the life of regular people trying to get by with the economy in the shitter.

Emotionally, I am in a wierd place. I've had walls up for a very long time. Unfortunately, I let them down and developed feelings for somebody completely unexpected. I was so not ready, or expecting to feel a rush of emotions the way I's borderline embarassing that it is one aspect of my personality that I cannot control. All of the tomboy qualities I have, and I get blessed with heart-on-the-sleeve syndrome. *insert eyeroll here* I despise that side of myself. We've decided to remain friends, which is a difficult task to achieve when you are so into someone, but doable nonetheless. I'm a strong person, and already able to push a lot of those feelings aside, they will be gone with time. I will say that I am glad to still have said person in my life, because I have found an amazing friend in him. It's nice to be able to talk to somebody so openly. Even if occasionally I have to keep myself in check because my head is telling me one thing but my vagina wants another, lol

On the health front, we are still waiting on mom's pathology results, and I will keep those of you that matter informed. You know this. I have dropped some weight, which is an awesome thing for me, really pumped up my self esteem. I still have not started running like I keep saying I will. Though maybe it is a good idea for me to do so at night and wear myself out. I have not been sleeping well at all in the last few months. And in an effort to get out of my head for a while, I admit I have spent too much money, and too much time partying lately. To the point I literally am running on empty. I think it's time I slow down a little.

On a good note, I am leaving SoFlo for a week in North Carolina. I'll be going up to visit Vikki, and my other friends and second family up there, and most meet my beautiful niece Sophia. She just melts my heart. And there is no better cure to stress than playing with babies, and getting lost in the wilderness. =)

Monday, October 12, 2009


I have not been keeping up with this blog as well as I had initially planned. But today I need to vent a little bit, so I think I will.

There is a lot of talk going on about 'Cancer Awareness Month.' In reality, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness. I bet you guys didn't know that the month of November is Lung Cancer Prevention month. In fact, nearly each month of the year focuses on one or more forms of cancer and the awareness and prevention of each type. Unfortunately it is not as commercialized as the campaign against breast cancer.

As someone who has watched a very close family member suffer from and ultimately lose the battle with one of the least treatable forms of cancer, I know how scary the word is. And I know that not only the person with cancer suffers, all of their loved ones do as well. I mean, afterall...the most commonly used method of treatment [or sometimes prolongment of life] involves either radiation, or pumping poison through ones system. They have to make you sick, on the chance that they can make you better.

My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer sometime in the fall of '99, during my senior year of high school. She and I had a relationship more like that of a mother and daughter, we were that close. My parents chose not to tell my brother and I about her diagnosis until after the holidays, on January 1st of 2000. Only later would I find out that it was at my grandmothers request, and it would take even longer for me to understand her reasoning for wanting it that way. She knew ahead of time, that it was going to be a tough battle. I think this was the turning point in my life, when my depression actually began. I lost a lot that year, relationships, what little faith I did have, and friendships...which I know now, were merely lost acquaintances. Senior year was rough...prom, my grandmother was on my mind. Graduation...I cried my eyes out, because I know how important it was for her to be there...she couldn't make it because she was too sick from the chemo. Those of you who know me, know that very few of you have ever seen me shed a tear. I close off. In fact, outside of direct family, I only broke down once. It was at the funeral following her casket out of the church. The finality of it all got to me. It's difficult to watch someone you love lose a lot of their independance, their strength, their hair, and even worse their spirit and the light in their eyes.

I'm not going to go completely into that story, because to this day I get emotional. You don't really realize the impact that chemotherapy can make on somebodies body, health, and state of mind. Long story short, the cancer eventually spread into her esophagus, into her bones, and ultimately to her brain before she couldn't fight any longer. Luckily I got to say my goodbyes to her before dementia hit and she could no longer recognize the family. She passed away early the morning of September 9th, of 2001 ... on my parents anniversary. 'Anniversary' being one of the last words she spoke. She was so thoughful, that even on her deathbed at UM, she was trying her hardest to hold on not for her, but for someone else. But in all honesty, no matter how bittersweet...we all felt a sense of relief when we got the phone call. She was finally no longer in pain. <

Now, what brought all of this on, you may be asking? The last few months my mom has been having female issues. After an initial surgical procedure a few years ago, there was nothing wrong. But three months ago when problems flared up again, the doctors found pre-cancerous cells in her uterus. But insurance won't approve a hysterectomy [so much for prevention.] One would think that if a few years ago, there was nothing, and suddenly they find pre-cancerous cells...something bad is a brewin'. This makes me livid. For the past three months, they have had her on a hormone, hoping that it would decrease these bad cells. How it will do that, I am unsure. Either case, now she will have to set up an appointment for the same procedure a second time. Once the results come in, if there are more pre-cancerous cells or no improvement, a hysterectomy will finally be scheduled. THREE months. That's a long time. You would think that insurance would realize that if these cells have developed out of the blue, it's probably a good idea to get them the hell out of there.

I am confident that insurance will approve the hysterctomy this time, and that everything will be fine. But it still scares me that they would gamble like that with a patient who has been in menopause for 20+ years, and clearly won't be having any more children. [I won't lie, it also makes me nervous because my grandmother had Endometrial Cancer a few years prior to the lung cancer.]

Aside from this, a friend is dealing with a form of more treatable cancer in her family and going through a tough time with that. I understand. A friend who is practically a cousin to me is having health issues with her son...the doctors overlooked some tests from when he was 2 months old, and are now testing for Leukemia or blood cancer over a year later. So yes, the word cancer has come up a lot lately.

I don't know where I was going with this other than venting my anger about the insurance situation, and the stress of it all.

I suppose my point is this: Don't ever be so naive as to think that cancer could never touch the ones you love, no matter their health. Because it happens to the people who deserve it least. My grandmother quit smoking 15+ years prior to her diagnosis. She would have given the shirt off her back to someone in need, and she fought the hardest and longest that she could. I hope to one day be half the woman she was. Don't ever take life for granted.

The word cancer, whether there is a prefix attached to it or not, is a scary word. It's not something to be played around with. I really wish that insurance companies were a little more sensitive to the matter.

[A big thank you to Ruben for whipping my ass into shape for not getting all of this out, you are right. Sometimes we do need to vent. Thanks bro! Mom's has an appointment MOnday for her follow up...then we'll see where this all goes. <3]

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LASIK Vision Correction: What to Expect

Since having my LASIK performed on Friday morning, numerous friends have asked me about the experience and procedure. There are many options for laser vision correction, so LASIK may not be for you. But I will explain the best I can for those of you that are interested. I apologize for the length, but wanted to be thorough.

First off, you are going to want to set up an appointment with an Opthamologist, not an Optometrist.

He/She will spend some time with you dicussing your options and what to expect from vision correction. You will receive a more thorough eye exam than you are used to, but nothing is painful or freakish. You will need to take your contact lenses out beforehand, obviously, and these tests will allow the Opthamologist to decide if you are a good candidate. Once you are decided on the procedure, you will be told not to wear your contact lenses for at least 2 weeks, so that the natural shape of the eye will be exposed. You will have another eye appointment previous to surgery, where the doctor will double-check the thickness of your cornea by taking high quality pictures, that resemble a doppler radar. You will also be given an antibiotic drop to use 4 times a day in each eye to prepare for surgery, as well as a surgery date.

First off, no jewelry or perfume, because the laser does not like it. Second, make sure to dress warmly, because the room that the laser is in is cold as shit! The first step after checking in, is that a technician will take you back to a room, where more pictures will be taken of your eye for comparison numbers. If you are nervous, they will give you a xanax to calm you. This tech will be your doc's wingman throughout the process. Next, your eyes will be cleaned and prepped. You'll close your eyes and the tech will wipe your lid area down with an antiomicrobial soap, and clean it off for you. Next he will put about 6 drops in each of your eyes, these are numbing drops.

Next you are taken to the room where the laser is, and you will lay down on a leather table, and the doc will swing you under the laser. He will put more numbing drops in your eyes. The laser is basically a really bright ring of light above you, with a small, flashing, red dot in the center. You keep your focus on the red dot at all times.

First the doc will cover one of your eyes with a patch. Next he tapes your top lashes up, and your bottom lashes down on the exposed eye. He will put an instrument that looks something like an eyelash curler between your eyelids and eyeball, which will allow the eye to be opened nice and wide. You don't feel any of this. Your doctor will rinse your eye (which is actually really cool looking.)

This next step is the only part that was uncomfortable, though not painful. A suction cup is placed on the eye, to pop it slightly higher out of the socket. When the suction is on it will feel like your eyes do in an airplane or under water due to the pressure, but a little worse, and your vision will go completely black. He will then turn the suction off, and rinse the eye again. Your blurry vision will return.

Next you will hear something that sounds like a dental drill, but half as loud, and the doc will make a small cut on the eye (really you feel nothing, and your eye is so blurry it is hard to even see whats going on.) This creates a flap that is peeled back, to expose the cornea. Your vision will get twice as blurry.

Once this is done the laser will be set to work for a certain amount of time alotted for the correction needed in the eye. Your doc will tell you to focus on the red light, hold your head in place so that you don't move, and turn on the laser. It looks exactly like the tip of a sparkler when the laser is doing it's work, just flashes of white light around that red light that you are still focused on. It's actually pretty.

Next, the eye is rinsed yet again, and the doc will carefully pull the flap down over your cornea and set it in place using a surgical sponge. The flap of the eye will secure itself. He removes the eyelid instrument, and untapes your lashes. He'll cover that eye, and repeat the same process all over again on the other eye.

Now, you are done! Takes 15-20 minutes for this whole procedure, tops. You will be given a bag of drops. One is the same antibiotic you used before surgery, and one is a steroid to help the eye heal. You use them both 4 times a day, and wait 15 minutes in between the two drops so they don't wash each other out. You also will have a bunch of bottles of artificial tears. Your job is to keep your eyes moist. You will need these until your eyes are healed and able to tear on their own again. You get a goofy ass pair of goggles which you have to wear when you sleep, so that you don't unconsciously poke your eye, lay on your fist, get fibers in the eye, etc. And lastly, these huge hater blockers that are very dark and fug, but they protect your eyes from the sun. And an appointment will be set up to visit your doc the following day for a check up.

When whoever is driving you home, you will notice you can already see quite well, and your eyes will clear up over the next several days. No reading, TV, or computer the first day. Put your goggles on and go to bed...becuase that xanax will have fully kicked in and you will sleep like a baby for a few hours.

My surgery was done exactly 6 days ago. My prescription was Left eye:-875 Right eye:-725. Today I am seeing L:20/25 and R:20/30. This will still clear up a bit more over time. And the only thing I have found that my eyes are sensitive to are the sun [wear sunglasses when outside] and flourescent lighting. Aside from that, no pain at all, no itching while healing, NOTHING!

For reference, if you are in South Florida and would like to check out my doctor, here is his information:

Jonathan F. Wise, M.D., F.A.C.S.
3816 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 101
Hollywood, FL 33021

He's also got an office in Pembroke Pines. You can ask for that info when you call. I will warn you though, that during your initial first few visits, he is very dry and monotone. Almost cold sounding, it's just his personality though. Once you are a patient and the LASIK is closer his attitude and personality improve tenfold...he'll even crack jokes! And another thing I loved is that during the surgery he will explain everything he does as he goes, to prepare you, way better than I described here.

I am very happy with the result, and go back again for another follow-up Monday afternoon. I will not need glasses again until my late 40's or early 50's, for reading. At that age, most people need reading glasses anyway.

Monday, August 17, 2009

An oldschool Mansonite...scarier than Marilyn's

So as of last Friday, Lynette Fromme [a.k.a. Squeaky] was released from Prison. For those of you who live under a rock, 'Squeaky' is/was one of Charlie Manson's disciples. She did not have direct involvement in the slayings at the Tate residence, however once Charles Manson was arrested, she became the head of the family and was arrested numerous times. She was eventually arrested and improsoned, for life, after putting a gun to then president Ford's head, to prove her devotion to the family. Apparently this latest parole hearing, some moron decided that she has paid her price. So much for life in prison.

Of the many years that Fromme was imprisoned, she has kept in touch with Charles Manson most of this time. And also has the telltale 'X' carved into her forhead. As of now, she is free at 60 years of age.

It makes you wonder...can this person really function in society, when they were so easily manipulated and brain-washed by Manson? She attemped assasination on a president and has been in touch with her...mentor all of these years. Maybe releasing her to a psychiatric ward would have been more effective than releasing her into the public. Who knows, maybe she will end up in the limelight, always being watched closely. Maybe not, but if she's a good actress and can convince a judge that she was ready for freedom...she could also still have the drive to try and regroup a following. What are the chances that she is not going to go batshit crazy and commit an actual homicide this time...or succeed in another assasination attempt this time, on our current president?

I don't know guys, I'm iffy on this one. What do you guys think on this? Do you think she is atoned, or does the fact that she was and is so close with Manson still seem a little creepy to you all as well?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Andie's Take on the Twilight Movie and Books

I will admit that I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon a little late. Fortunately for me, I did it the smart reading the books before seeing the Twilight movie. Let me explain, for you non-Twihards out there, why it seems lame if you have seen the trailers.

I will be the first to admit, though I would love to make Rob Pattinson my bitch, that I am not the biggest fan of the movie. For those who have not read the books, it was probably an even worse cinematic experience for you. The scenes seem to be almost pieced together. So for a first can be confusing. The handsome brooding guy that glares at the new girl in disgust, awkwardly tries to befriend her, scares the shit out of her in a forest, and BAM! Suddenly they are in love and there is a vampire fight scene. Essentially the first book was based on the love story element...doesn't make for a great vampire flick. So I think the direction they went in was to skip to the action and try to draw in a new audience. Result: definitely a tween geared movie. I honestly believe that the next movie 'New Moon' coming out this November will be much better, though still not comparable to the books. And please, don't get me started on the acting...because I think that a better job could have been done...

On to the books. First, let me start by saying that one of my favorite things about this series is that the author writes her character Bella in first person. Very rare for a fictional character, but done in a way that allows you to better connect with the feelings and emotions of the character.

'Twilight' essentially introduces you to the characters, where they come from, and the differences between them. For the most part it is the story of how Bella [the plain girl] and Edward [the century old Vampire] fall in love after struggling to keep their distance from one another, because they know that they are different and a relationship would be a huge struggle to make work....without one or both of them dissapearing. There are plenty of vampire type things in this book, a great vampire baseball scene [which was actually played well in the movie], and yes, the fight scene. But still, more or less a love story. By this point I was already loving the characters and their depth, and was already hooked.

From here, the next three books [New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn] are completely action packed with heartbreak, suspense, new friendships, good vampires, bad vampires, insane fight scenes, a total shocker, and so on. I can't even begin to explain without giving it all away, because I'd end up rambling on about every amazing scene that comes to mind. Yes, this series is geared towards a teenage audience. But it is not just a vampire love story, it is so much more than that. The characters are written so well that you literally can relate to their feelings. Not to mention the author debunks so many of the traditional vampire myths...sleeping in coffins, frying to death in the sunlight, etc.

This is one of those collections, that once you've read them, had such an affect onyou, that you will immediately find yourself re-reading the series.

Ultimately, I think the movies will get better, as the books did in succession. But I cannot preach enough, that you are missing so much if you did not read the books. And I strongly suggest that even if you've seen the movie, you read the first book. A lot of things were not included in the movie, that are going to lead into major parts of the NEXT movie.

/nerd mode

Friday, July 24, 2009

'The Depression' of the 21st Century?

Is this it? I think it is comparable, or getting to that point at any rate. This post was inevitable. The current state of our economy is affecting all of us.

During President Obama's speech, the small portion I did listen to a few nights ago, he made a point of saying that things are getting better, leveling off in regards to the economy. Personally, I don't see it. Maybe it was meant as a comforting statement for those out there feeling hopeless right now.

In the last month alone not only has our workload shrunk, but we have been forced to lay off a few employees (and likely more soon), stop contributing to 401K's, cut some employees pay, and their hours as well. We are making our bills, thanks to lines of credit...but we aren't getting any money in. Once that contract is signed, we have to honor it. The most we can do at this point is put liens on properties, and we won't get paid until that property owner tries to sell. That's nice...but it doesn't help us right now. So see, the state of the economy is catching up with all of us, we're just lucky that we were unaffected this long. Moreover, I'm lucky in that I live at home and don't have a mortgage to pay, so that I can pay the bills that I do have.

A few days a man called (one of many) in search of a job. He spent a few moments talking to me about our trade, and how he has been in it for 40+ years and has never seen it this slow. The poor man sounded so dejected. You could practically hear the worry and defeat in his voice. =/ And it's not just the fire sprinkler trade or construction. So many of my friends are out of work right now, and relentlessly going through the interview process over and over again. Either businesses are not hiring, or are sending people away for being overqualified. This is happening all over the country.

So I went to to see what he had to say on the economy, which was this (my commentary italicized):

"Get the economy back on track:
President Obama signed legislation to jumpstart our economy, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, less than a month after his inauguration. The plan will save or create 3.5 million new jobs, make critical investments in our infrastructure and give 95 percent of working Americans a tax cut."

That's great news. But nowhere does it say how this Act works. Sure cutting our taxes is a great relief for us as citizens. But really what does it do about the 1.3 TRILLION debt deficit that our country is in? At the way things are currently going, people are not going to run out and spend all of their tax savings. They are going to invest it, or bank it. And how exactly it this Act going to save and more so create new jobs???

"Rebuild our economy on a new, sustainable foundation:
By making bold and wise investments in healthcare, energy and education, and restoring fiscal accountability to government spending, we will cut costs for American families and businesses, create good jobs that can’t be shipped overseas, give our children the education they need to be competitive in the global marketplace and leave our grandchildren a legacy they can be proud to inherit."

This also sounds great in retrospect. But what does it really mean? Come on Obama, dumb it up a little for the general public. We are not so naive as to think an entire country's problems can be repaired in a few months. But in order for us to believe in you and have hope, we need to know how your plan works. I'm not Miss Cleo up in this bitch. Giving children a competitive edge with a better education is great. But we need jobs in order for them to put that to use. And everything that has been proposed is just going to cost the government more money and put this country deeper in debt. How do we even begin to climb out of that?

See, I am not bashing on Obama, I just am curious how he is going to pull this off. Again, in retrospect it sounds wonderful. But as an American, this is one of those things that is in the back of my mind. Then again, our grandparents and great grandparents made it through 'The Depression,' they held on and pulled through. So we can too. It's just a matter of how much are Americans going to lose before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oooh...High School Grudges? Drama?

Wow. Wow. I never really stepped on anyone's toes in high school purposely, in fact I pretty well kept to myself.

So I find it quite comical that even now, nine years after I have graduated, that drama trickles through the grapevine. You would think that in nine years one would mature, and look past whatever did or did not happen waaay back then. Strangely enough, the last drama I heard about was...well, I really don't know what it was about. Apparently someone I seldom associate with has a total disliking of me because of something that happened in high school. Funny enough, I never really was friends with or associated with said person in school. So if we had never had a conversation, how does one conclude that they dislike you? Interesting. That is his or her prerogotive, to develop a pre-conceived notion of who or what they think I am, having at that time never had a conversation with me. Likewise it is mine to conclude what I think they are...which is a hypocritical coward. Not to mention what I DO know about them, which is that they may be the most sardonic and insufferably pessimistic person I have ever spent time around.

What's more is that there was real drama in those days. With real people, that were real friends. Miscommunications and immature rumors are all part of high school, it's a given. What's really telling though is the mere fact that as adults, these people and I were able to put that drama in the past where it belongs. In our late twenties, we are mature and knowledgeable enough to realize that high school drama was not nearly as big a deal as we made it out to be, it was just trivial bullshit. We have more important things to worry about, bills, families.

So I still find it amusing that someone is harboring dislike for someone they don't even know, from nine years ago if not more. Perhaps people with issues rooted that deeply should step back and take a good, long look at themselves. I much prefer to spend my life living, not hating on people. I left that lonely, insecure shell long ago.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Glimpse Into the Female Psyche...

I have spent most of the morning talking dating and relationships with a good friend. And this is my philosophy on the whole situation.

Yes, it is true that women can have sex whenever they want. IF they are willing to hookup with randoms. It's easy. If we put ourselves out there, lots of guys would be willing to rise to the occasion [no pun intended.] Whereas men really do have to work for it. However, on the flip side of that, relationships come easier for men when that is what they are looking for, and even sometimes, when it is not.

See, women [most of us at any rate] are not looking for an Adonis. Most of the time we fall for painfully mediocre men [whom to us, along with personality become our own Adonis.] Likewise, I can not reiterate enough, that cockiness is the biggest turn off to us. Modesty is key. We fall for that guy that makes us feel incredible, we could walk out first thing in the morning without any makeup, friday night sex hair, and an old t-shirt, and still manage to put a smile on his face.

Men [most of them] on the other hand, are so much more visual. Men are turned on by beauty, and what society has set forth as the standard of a fox. That's what guys want. A lot of the time they could care less if said fox is brainless, lacking in wit or common sense. It's all about saying "Hey...this is mine. I'm tagging that." And with some, it all about the game. Then one day, BAM! It is out of their system and they realize...."shit, so this is what I have been missing out on."

Don't get me wrong, you should always be proud of the person you are dating, or even just choosing to spend your time with. You should want to show them off for what a wonderful human being they are. But the simple truth is that...women are more apt to desire a relationship, than a string of one night stands. Been there, done that, been offered recently. Speaking from personal experience, sex is one of the best things that life has to offer. But empty sex is really, very lonely. Sure it is fun, and sometimes it is exactly what you need at exactly the right time.

In my case, I have gone down that path. I also have been in many relationships, some more longterm than others. Unfortunately, many of those times I have learned that my significant other was being shared, or that I was indeed the dirty little mistress, the bitch on the side. There is no worse way to break a woman's spirit. After I ended my last relationship, I did the randoms thing again. And it may have made me feel better at the time...but in the longrun, it still makes you feel empty.

Women want to know that a relationship is something shared between them and one other peson, who sees their greatest attributes, without the desire for someone on the side to make up for what they feel they are missing out on. Perhaps it is true in this respect, that women do mature more rapidly than men. The truth of the matter is, it all depends on your frame of mind. Random casual sex is nice. But it's not something you can curl up with, count on, trust at the end of the day. So if you find someone who completely blows your mind, don't let them walk away because they don't fit the perfection that you have dreamed up in your head. You can't have it all, and no one is perfect. Regardless of whether the relationship works out or not, at least you wont look back on it some day and say "man, I really fucked up with that one."

I apologize for the extreme case of emo here with this topic. I am just in that state of mind right now, where I have been blissfully in love, but have yet to experience the real thing. Whether long-lasting or short-term. I've never truly felt the full circle kind of love and as a woman...I'm missing out on a lot. My desire right now, is to know that someone [other than my frieds, though I love you all] can see my best attributes, and respect them, and truly care about and accept me for the person that I am. Not just approach me as a piece of ass.

Now I am sure that some of you guys are going to have another insight, or point of view on this. Please, feel free to share your opinion. This one is officially open for discussion, because really...we all could use a little glimpse into the innermost workings of the opposite sex.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sports Players: Keep Your Balls in Order

I think in light of our current economical times, I should make my first post light. So let's pick on the athletes! Don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet, an economical rant is inevitably on the horizon.

Let's focus here on sports players vs. pay scale.

First off, let me start by stating that this IS a generalization. Of all of the athletic men I have met, most of them are overtly cocky with the rare exception [such as Steve, Danny, and a few others]. Now don't get me wrong, women love the thrill of a chase as much as any man but when a man is too full of himself and turns everything into a game it is a huge turnoff. No matter how handsome of a man, too much self assurance will always turn you foul. I assume the fascination towards ball players is not just their talents, but from a woman's point of view, their athletic physique. Yes, they have a certain amount of sex appeal.

What never ceases to amaze me though, is the kind of crap that sports players [as any type of celebrity] can get by with. From not abiding laws and rules, to being unfaithful, to being completely idolized regardless of some of the actions they, as human beings have taken. Many of these athletes have a God complex, like they are above the norm, and therefore above the standards set for the general population. But we as fans, fuel this fire by not voicing how we feel about it. For instance, Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins; His job is to abide by the rules set forth by the NFL, in order to be compensated by doing something that he loves. He chooses however, to bend and break those rules with his many marijuana woes, yet still is awarded a position that allows him to be paid far more money than the average working class American. Another prime example, is Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees baseball team; Here is a man who has had plenty of affairs and publicly humiliated his family. And yet to some naive people, he is viewed as a hero of sorts. This just feeds the common practice of "playing the game" in today's dating World. It is one's own prerogative, though as a man....well, it really makes you kind of a douchebag. And let's be realistic here, why do women swoon over this man? He very much reminds me personally of those treasure trolls we all had as 80's kids...just with shorter hair and longer limbs.

Enough about the generalizations of sports players...let's talk pay scale. I am not deluded enough to say that sports players do not have 'real jobs.' Realistically, they are at a much higher risk of physical work-related injury than most of us are, for our entertainment purposes. But should that really put them on such a high pay scale? Really, contracts are going for millions of dollars for these men and women to play a game....a pastime. An actor/actress is more acceptable to me...they have to read and memorize an entire script, become their character and suffer the sometimes emotional stress that is involved in creating said character. They also must be on location and working on any given project for months, sometimes years...simply for our entertainment. Now given, sports players do take part in extensive training, and physically exert themselves much more than I ever would be willing...and they should be monetarily compensated. But should they really be paid millions, to play a game?

I'm curious, what are all of your opinions on this? [and for the record, I think some actors and actresses are much overpaid as well.]

Know Your Blog MIstress

Welcome to my little spot on the web, or blip on the map if you will. Initially I had this ingenuous idea, that my friends should give their testimonials to my character...but that turned out to be much less modest than my own would have been, as you can see below:
Frances Rose Cuca writes:
"Uniquely awesome in every way! Fun, party girl with great taste in makeup/hair and music."

Carla Betancourt writes:
"Andrea exudes of sex and leaves a sultry wine in her wake...♥ "

Manny Diaz writes:
"Andrea is MEGA UBER AWESOME..thats my description..Oh yeah."

Julia Bartlett Rodriguez writes:
"Well I don't know you in person but from what I've learned about from online…I think you're witty & clever. You have great way with words in which to express yourself & I really admire that & that you put yourself out there & don't give a shit about what people think!"

Damian C. (author of Unaimed Pistols Under Supervision) writes:
"If you need a indestructible car to do some destruction derby, you need an Andie in a blog to destroy entries. I don't know where I'm going with this. All I know is Andie can party and I'm sure she has upcoming entries that will include sex, drugs, and rock n roll. I mean what other kind of blog would you be asking for?"

So, I guess it is up to me afterall. I am a laid back SoFlo girl with a rather busy mind. I am not your typical South Floridian, in that I club hop at any given chance, and blow every penny I make on overpriced meals on the beach. And I am definitely not roaming SoBe at all hours, because honestly life is not a popularity contest...I'd much rather go to a more family oriented beach and not feel like I am being criticized by every face that shimmies on by. My thoughts range from practical to quite humorous, and if left alone will swirl around the vortex that is my mind, until eventually I am emotionally exhausted. I am well known for not having any filters, you never know what is going to come out of my mouth, but know that it is never meant to offend. More so to be as blunt and honest as possible. Most of what can be found in this blog are random subjects that are analyzed far too much, with ocassional emo tendencies.

Nothing written on this page is intended to offend anyone, as it is my own personal opinion. Please feel free to post your comments and opinions as well. Interaction is key. So sit back, and enjoy!