Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dolphins Schmolphins!

First let me start by saying that I am NOT a fair-weather fan. I love my Dolphins regardless, and it takes a true fan to be this disappointed. And that's why only WE are allowed to make fun of them. =)

Come on guys - WTF?! Let me start off by saying GOOD JOB on using the Wild Cat only once this game. The first season that we used it in excess, it worked for us. But y'all are holding on to it like a peg leg to a crutch. Too predictable now, don't abuse it, and it will be more effective. Last nights game was just a supermassive mindfuck to me. It's almost as if the Dolphins started out the season with promise. Problems with the Offense, but promise nonetheless. And then the Jets game happened... that blocked kick. Once was bad enough, and against our biggest rival to boot. Yet, this game Special Team royally screwed up again with not one, but TWO more blocked kicks. TWO. Against yet another one of our rivals. It pained me to see Tom Brady's pretty boy ass flipping his hair around like a prized mare. Dale llegua??? [ask Giselle when you are allowed to have your cojones back. You used to be sexy, now you are just a weak girly-man.]

And Henne. Henne, Henne, Henne! There were way too many turnovers last night, especially when there were other receivers open and in a better position to catch and run the ball. And the last half, what was with that beautiful throw? - right into the arms of a bloody Patriot?! Did you have a memory lapse and forget what team you play for? Because that ball was nowhere close to any of our receivers. And it's not even like the team colors are easily confusable. Henne could be a good QB. If we took Pennington's brain out of that goofy head of his and placed it into Henne's. Pennington is getting up there in age, but he has a gift when it comes to finding the right receiver.

Come on guys, you really need to pull it together. It's about time you get together at practice and say "Hey-maybe we should work a little more with our Special Team and make sure they protect our kicker." And then work with Pennington and Henne. Pennington could be a great influence if he lets Henne get into his head, teach him how to pinpoint the best option for a clean throw and best chance at some yardage. Y'all are a team, so pull it together and work with one another. It's the only way that the 'Phins are going to improve - with hard work. Last night we looked the the Miami Minnows. We might as well wear the pink Breast Cancer Awareness all the time if we are going to play like girls. It was unacceptable.

On a brighter note, I'd like to end this post with some positive points. Brandon Marshall was not seeming like a good pick for me early on in the preseason games. But now that it's really gotten started, with the exception of last nights stop mid-play, he is a pretty impressive receiver. However, Bess for me is our star player this season. I can't say that I've ever cursed a blue streak laced with his name after a game. Ricky Williams played great last night as well (no fumbles?!) Is it possible he is back on the herb? Hey, if it's any indication that he could play some semblance of what he did in his prime, then by all means - toke away! And last, but most certainly not least, our defense. I'm thinking that there should just be one large standing ovation pre-game for the way that our defense has saved our asses on so many occasions. Those men have really stepped up their game, and played hard. Good job boys, keep it up!

We've got a bye-week, so use this time wisely guys. Sparano, get out there at practice and give them all the shit you can dish out. Whip them into shape, hopefully this defeat was hard enough on the team that they will put in the extra work to improve where it is needed most. Your fans may be disapointed, but we are still rooting for you. Make us proud!