Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Operation: Stop Migraines

So, for those of you who have been wondering what exactly is up with my head...we don't know! Actually as of now I have been diagnosed with what my doctor refers to as "menstrual migraines." Basically they occur the week before and during my menstrual cycle, and usually culminate in a throbbing at my right temple that increases in pain in that area and deep behind the eye, which at it's worse travels down the back of my head and into my neck. I also suffer from photophobia (increased sensitivity to light)and phonophobia (increased sensitivity to sound) as well as occasional nausea. The only way to garner some relief is to be in a dark, cold room - i.e, retreating to the Batcave.

Now let me say, that if you have not suffered from a migraine - you don't ever want to. As someone with a high pain tolerance, my constant complaints of discomfort should be a sign that these are no joke. I feel for anyone I know who has ever suffered from these.

After mentioning this again to my doctor, he decided to start trying me on some migraine relief medications, which will not prevent but relieve migraines when they hit, but relieving the swelling of blood vessels around the brain, as well as preventing them from further swelling and blocking pain receptors. So far I have been tried on two separate medications. One (Relpax) DID take care of my migraine quite quickly, however the intense amount of pain and pressure in my neck made it a poor option for me. The second pill (Imitrex) I have heard bad things about, but at this point, I am ready to try anything for some relief. It didn't do anything at all for me. Today, I went in again to my doctor and he gave me a third medication to try called Maxalt. As with the others, it will be pricey if it works. But at this point if it works, it's worth it.

I'm hoping this particular medication works well for me, though it seems that I will be waiting until next month to try it, since I am at the end of this month's cycle. My doctor did tell me that he has just a few more for me to try if this does not, and that the next step would be a referral to a neurologist. So please guys and dolls, keep your fingers (and toes!) crossed that we find a medication that will ease these migraines and not cause more painful side effects.

I will keep you all updated as this process continues.