Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Migraine Update 3

So, here I am at the end of my cycle again. The second I take that sugar pill in my birth control pack - the migraines begin like clockwork. After looking into it, for some reason my pharmacy put in a discount card for the Maxalt, and it overrode my insurance and showed my OLD insurance with BCBS - which did not cover it. After my doctor called the insurance companies he found that AvMed DOES cover Maxalt. He also called in another prescription for me, called Inderal. It is a daily blood pressure medication (my blood pressure is perfect) that also acts as a preventative for migraine sufferers. I have only been on it for two days, and got signs of a migraine this morning, which I managed to thwart. Perhaps it has not been in my system long enough?

After going back to my pharmacy, I had them put my correct insurance information in. Lo and behold I can now purchase my prescription for the Maxalt. 12 pills for $50. MUCH better than 18 for $530. I pick up that prescription tonight, and am looking forward to the comfort of knowing that when I DO get a migraine from now on (assuming the Inderal does not prevent them as it should) it is a quick pill and a 10-15 minute wait before the migraine diminishes as opposed to hours. It's gonna be nice to be able to go out again without fear of a migraine when my head feels fuzzy, or strange. And now I can't wait for the next concert that comes in town - I won't be so worried about migraine attacks that I just overlook them. Here's to getting my life back, hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed, and I will update you all once I have a better grasp of how the medications are working for me. =)


Anonymous said...

Q: Perhaps the migraines are from your birth control? Maybe there some factor that changes right before your period where something in your pill is making you have migraines? Some med student I am, right?

As you know, better than anyone, I have migraines and headaches a lot. I know they contribute from stress, blood pressure, sinuses, and inflammation. This is what I have opted to do because it is safe and cost effective. Ibuprofen is a safe pain reliever for your stomach and liver. I have been keeping a log of how many MG of iburprofen I have to do down throughout the day, and how often. Prescription strength Ibuprofen starts at 800 MG, which scared my at first when I heard it from my mother, but then my father brought it up, and explained it. He explained that if the pain is caused from inflammation, which is definite from my accident injuries (of which may be causing my daily headaches) the only way to get the body to heal is to relieve the inflammation. If something is always inflammed, it cannot heal. Stop the inflammation, the body can heal. Its.been.working....