Monday, February 28, 2011

I'd like to thank the Academy...

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards
Ok, let me first start by saying that this year I did not see any of the main competitors in the running for the best Picture. So this year it was more about the fashion and the hosts for me, than the films themselves.

So I will start off with my review of the elements I did and did not like about the actual show, then rave about the fashion in a seperate post. =)

I have a mixed review on the new, younger hosts this year. While I enjoyed that it was much less - drab than usual, I was not really happy with the hosting. Anne Hathaway I feel held her own, though her jokes were not delivered quite as natural as I'd hoped. James Franco on the other hand, did not impress me. I feel like he is more comfortable acting that he is being natural in front of the camera. I was ready for full out humor as dictated by the commercials and ads for the show - however, to me he seemed very blase and lacking in personality. Perhaps, and I am going to throw this out there, he was extremely nervous. As normal day to day citizens we get starstruck, but surely stars also get starstruck, not just by the vast amount of talent filling that theatre, but by the fact that some of their very own idols are sitting out there, eyes on them. I did like the singing skit that Anne did about Hugh Jackman, it had it's comical moments. However, the 'Movie Musicals' segment didn't cut it for me. I found it quite cheesy. As far as the outfit changes, I feel that Anna did an amazing job (I even really liked her custom tailored suit!) James, wtf was with the white leotard? Clearly it was meant to be funny, but I wasn't impressed. I don't think men's junk sack bouncing around is at all attractive, even he was trying to use his hand as a shield at one point. Nice ass though! I'll give him that. I also liked how he came out in drag as Marilyn Monroe in the "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" iconic fuchsia gown, then that could be that I am a HUGE Marilyn fan, but any man willing to come out in drag to counteract Anne's suit, gets respect. That takes some cojones.

I enjoyed a few aspects of the show - first and foremost the stage setup was incredible. I loved the simplicity of it, the way the arch screens visually sparkled most of the time with that golden starry effect. I think that sometimes, award shows go way overboard with the set up. I feel like in many cases, less is more - and in this case it was not jumping out at you the entire time, instead creating a subtle visual interest. One of my favorite moments of the night was Celine Dion's rendition of the song 'Smile' which is definitely one of my favorite songs. I still think she looks like a bobblehead, albeit a very talented one. It was so well-suited for the 'In Memorium' segment of the show, as opposed to the typical orchestra usually playing in the background. Michael Douglas' father Kirk Douglas was a little difficult to understand what with his age and stroke a few years ago, but man was he a character. I love when people are elderly and they still keep a sense of themselves, and a great character. A lot of people are buzzing however, about the first televised award going to Mellisa Leo - who dropped the F-bomb in her acceptance speech. Here's the thing, yes it had to be bleeped out, but you could see the utter shock and emotion on the woman's face. That is a big accomplishment for any actor/actress. I personally found that to be my favorite acceptance speech, DUE to the realism of it. All in all, I found the show to be mediocre. It wasn't a total bomb.

I also liked the kids singing at the end of the show, though it would have been nicer if they were more in sync with one another as far as the swaying and hanf movements. It was really nice to have them perform onstage, flanked byt he evenings winners. That is a once in a lifetime opportunity that those children will never forget.