Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine, shmalentine.

Valentine's Day - February 14th. I absolutely HATE this holiday. Yet at the same time - I don't. I'm always ... hopeful.

I am not that girl who has ever really experienced anything...romantic. The most romantic thing I have ever experienced was a motorcycle ride to the beach to watch the sunset. Except it was cloudy, and you couldn't even see the sunset. I was dating this same guy a few years back on Valentine's Day - the first time I have ever had a valentine. It was a case of some flowers delivered to the office, with pink roses in them (I HATE pink, and roses die in 2 days, he knew this)and that was it. Didn't see him. Didn't hear from him. Coincidentally, the relationship ended not long after. That was my ONLY valentine. Since school, at any rate - when we used to exchange those ridiculously cute little cards. Oh and there was one in high school - but he gave the exact same thing to 2 other girls that I had classes with. Only thing is that the names on the cards were different.

As much as I feel like it is a dumb 'holiday' it IS crammed down our throats, and as for women - a lot of us feel left out. Most women who spend a lot of the time single do. And I find it annoying when the pretty, popular, it girls complain about others being down about it. It's easy to say when you are put up on a pedestal. When you aren't, it's quite the emotional mindfuck. This 'holiday' is aimed at men's wallets, and women's emotions. It should be a happy day, but society has blown it out of proportion, and over commercialized it to the extent that if you are single - you are just destined to feel undesirable. You walk into Walgreens and it looks like cupid sharted hearts and candies. You go to (in my case) building departments, and every female permit clerk has chocolates, or flowers on their desks...and the foil heart balloons. Sooo many. Save that shit for when you are at home, so it isn't crammed down everyone's throat. There is nothing worse than people repeatedly telling you, "I hope your Valentine's Day is as special as mine!" I feel like when you are with someone you care about you should both show each other in small ways every single day. But, that is not how life is. You can't escape it.

I know this post sounds bitter. It is not meant that way. Let me state for the critics, that I DO have someone in my life who cares about me, and has put a smile on my face every single day for the past several weeks. Someone who DOES tell me every day that I am beautiful/gorgeous/amazing. Someone who makes ME feel all of those things...=) He also had plans, but they fell through. Which sucks. More so because the REST of my day was so shitty, not that I should expect anything different. It seems like that particular day is cursed for me.

The point behind this post - is that all of the over-commercialization and added stress of "making it a perfect day" is unnecessary. Be thankful for what you have, and show how important it is to you every day, and you won't be obligated to make ONE day out of the year perfection. Because your over accomplishment actually brings others down. Just sayin'.

And for the record - be it a small bouquet of flowers, one single stem, a home cooked meal, or just laying together appreciating each other...feeling like a desirable woman is something that EVERY girl should experience at least once. But it shouldn't be on one set date a year. I'm looking forward to experiencing this some day. (I am also looking forward to my first kiss under a mistletoe, or one on the strike of midnight of a new year ... also things that every lady should experience.) I am not the only girl who feels this way - so get on it guys and girls. Inject this way of thinking into your everyday life. I guarantee it will bring you a lot more happiness.